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Article created: 02:55PM 09/05/2018
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Prometheus is a donation platform which can allow your users to purchase in game items and to allow them to receive it automatically.  This article will teach you how to setup Prometheus for your Garry’s Mod server. Please keep in mind this tutorial will only show this installation utilising Krypton Networks’ services. We will not provide support for people using services on another host. This tutorial will not teach you how to link your domain with your web hosting. If you have a service with Krypton Networks and utilise one of our free subdomains you can ignore linking your domain with the web hosting as this is done automatically.


  • Web hosting.

  • At least one Garry’s Mod server. (Krypton Networks provides a free MySQL Database per game service.)

  • At least one MySQL Database (usually most web hosting services will provide this).

Web Installation

  1. Firstly, download a software called FileZilla and connect to your web hosting FTP.  If you don’t know your FTP details please contact your host.

  2. Secondly, download your Prometheus files from GMod Store. Once downloaded extract the ZIP file. When you have extracted it you should have two folders called “Lua Files” and “Web Files”. We are going to focus on “Web Files”.

  3. Open your “Web Files” folder and upload all of the contents in the folder to your public_html folder on your web hosting using FTP. Simply drag and drop. Alternatively upload the contents to your subdomain directory.

  4. Once you have uploaded those files login to your cPanel and head over to the “MySQL Database” section and create a database and a user and link them together. Make sure to give the user “ALL PRIVILEGES” otherwise some issues could occur. The creation of the user and the database is very straight forward on cPanel.

  5. This step is optional for some people. If you are hosting your SQL database on a different server to your Garry’s Mod server (this applies to all of Krypton Networks’ clients) you will need to setup “Remote MySQL”. Login into your cPanel and go to “Remote MySQL” and add % as a wildcard. This just allows the web server and the game server to contact each other. If you are unsure about this please check with your host.

  6. Go back to FileZilla and open the config.php. Enter your SQL details that the config file asks for. Krypton Networks clients can use localhost and can leave the port as 3306. If you didn’t create your SQL database using the web hosting service you cannot use localhost and you must enter the IP or hostname.  If your site is using an SSL certificate make sure to set the variable $using_ssl to true. Edit the other settings to your liking. Save and then upload.

  7. Next go to installation URL e.g Fill out the required fields, your license key can be found here:

  8. Once you have submitted that information you would have completed the web installation for Prometheus and it should be working on your domain. Please follow the next section to setup the automation system with Prometheus on your GMod server.

Lua Installation

  1. Login to your Prometheus web and head over to the admin panel.

  2. Navigate to Servers > Add Server. Create your server and make sure to take note of the Server ID given.

  3. Connect to your Garry’s Mod server FTP using FileZilla and upload the “prometheus” folder inside of your “Lua Files” folder to your Garry’s Mod addons directory.

  4. Open the prometheus_config.lua and fill in the MySQL database details according to the database you created when you installed the web files. Don’t use localhost on the Lua config as it’s known to cause issues on Garry’s Mod. Instead use “”. Also ensure that the Server ID in the Lua config matches the one you noted down. If it doesn't change it. Once you have done that save and reupload, you can edit the rest of the config to your liking and the prometheus_client_config.lua to your liking.

  5. Go to the “Mod Manager” and install either TMySQL or MySQLOO. This module will allow your Garry’s Mod to connect to SQL. Please keep in mind Krypton Networks does not allow you to upload these files manually and you must use the Mod Manager.

  6. When you have done this restart your server, connect to the server and then navigate to the following on your admin side of Prometheus: Dashboard > Other features. Click submit once you are in game. This will make a message pop up in game to say you have successfully setup Prometheus. If a message does not appear after 40 seconds please check your console for errors.

Note: Please keep in mind, Krypton Networks has been tested by Prometheus themselves to be 100% compatible with the software and we are listed on their compatible web hosting companies: Visit: for fixing issues with Prometheus. We will only support people that have gone through Prometheus and the wiki first.